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Rich Clark

Rich Clark Richard Clark joined Wagner Associates in 1978. He works on a variety of mathematical finance applications, and currently is participating in the continuing development of a loan risk assessment software package for evaluating collective risk incurred by the World Bank in loans to businesses from developing nations. One of his largest continuing projects is designing, implementing, maintaining, and providing technical support for our Retirement Spending Planner (RSP 3, R$P 2000, and R$P Personal), a Microsoft Excel-based product for wealth managers that utilizes Monte Carlo simulation to model the effects of volatility on their clients' portfolios. Mr. Clark also has designed and implemented RSP derivatives written in Java for Morningstar and ADVISORport.

In the area of credit risk he has been involved in performance evaluation of credit card portfolios and risk-based auto loan pricing models. His market risk experience includes implementation and integration of valuation methodologies (interest rate derivatives, commodities, and foreign exchange), mean-variance portfolio optimization, and a model for pricing stock options. Recent work also includes implementation of a Microsoft Excel-based tax-aware strategic asset allocation multi-location model for US Bancorp, and development of a Microsoft Excel-based GUI for a valuation and accounting module to address the FAS 133 hedge and derivative reporting requirements. He also is currently a software engineer and support specialist for our mean-variance portfolio optimization tools (WAoptimize, M-V Optimizer, and the high-end optimization library).

In addition to the projects mentioned above, Mr. Clark has implemented real-time software used for index arbitrage. He has also represented Wagner Associates performing work on-site for clients, including the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, a Philadelphia-area investment firm, and the US Navy's Supervisor of Salvage in the Space Shuttle Challenger search and recovery operation. Other past projects include: ASW tactical decision aids, analysis of submarine patterns of operation, design and evaluation of nonacoustic sensor devices, computer-assisted search, modeling of battle group interactions in Naval operations, and Kalman filter tracking.

Mr. Clark has expertise in designing and implementing pricing models and optimization algorithms. He has extensive experience developing software using C/C++ and VBA in Microsoft Excel.

Mr. Clark received his B.S. in Computer Science from Drexel University in 1982. He received his honorary B.A. from Central High School in Philadelphia, PA in 1977.

Mr. Clark's hobbies and other interests include cooking, camping, and word puzzles. He has been a volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America since 1990, and currently serves as a committee member of Boy Scout Troop 55, chartered to Grove United Methodist Church's Methodist Men group.