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Retirement Planning

As employers move from defined-benefit to defined-contribution plans, and employees increasingly rely on IRA's and 401k's instead of traditional pensions, it has never been more important for individuals and their financial advisors to carefully and realistically plan for retirement. Such a plan must incorporate appropriate asset allocation, realistic savings and spending projections, as well as the tax situation of the individual. Most importantly, the plan must account for the uncertainty of future returns on investments.

Wagner Math Finance introduced RSP in 1998 as a ground breaking financial planning tool that uses the technique of Monte Carlo simulation to model the uncertainty of investment returns. Instead of naively assuming that investments grow at the same pre-set rates year after year, RSP acts out thousands of separate understandings of the possible outcomes, and calculates the probability of clients achieving their goals.

Incorporating standard methodologies from mathematical finance, as well as a faithful tax model and the flexibility to handle the most diverse of situations, RSP remains a leader in using Monte Carlo methodologies in personal finance.