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The Premier Retirement Planner

RSP is the ultimate in retirement planning software using the Monte Carlo method to evaluate the probability that a savings/investment/spending plan will achieve a client's financial objective.

RSP is Excel based so all input schedules can be fine-tuned using your spread sheet skills. The program accepts inputs for income, savings, spending, and has provision for a customizable eleven asset class description of the investment market place. Up to ten standard portfolios can be defined to represent a spectrum of conservative to aggressive portfolios. The program output includes an estimate of the probability distribution of wealth at a target year, the probability that various financial objectives are achieved, and sensitivity tests for a variety of alternative portfolios and spending plans.

RSP 3 comes loaded with two different eleven asset class breakdowns, with returns, volatilities and correlations provided by our CFA consultant. These data sets are intended to get you started using the software, so that you can see what is required to describe the various asset classes you will recommend to your clients.

RSP 3 Pricing

The price for a one-user license is $1,100 which includes one year of maintenance. Additional users at your office are charged $550 per user, for up to 10 licenses. Call to discuss discounts beyond that. Annual maintenance is $336 per user.

Maintenance includes downloading of fixes and enhancements from our website, telephone help, updates of tax tables and other changes in the tax code. The program is self-sufficient as far as updating tax tables yourself, but maintenance must be continuous to qualify for all other fixes and enhancements.

For your (and our) convenience we charge for the maintenance on a sliding scale depending on the month in which you purchase, and you are then paid in advance for somewhere between 12 and 14 months. If you buy in the first month of a quarter the price is $1,100 and that includes 12 months maintenance, buy in the second month of the quarter and the price is $1,156 and that includes 14 months maintenance, buy in the third month of the quarter and the price is $1,128 and that includes 13 months maintenance.

We are eager to answer all questions by telephone, but e-mailing ahead with some clue as to the point you wish to discuss is very helpful and efficient for both of us.