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RSP 3 Endorsements

"RSP not only provides realistic and probable outcomes of various financial planning challenges, but does it with a minimum of data input, thus conserving time and improving office efficiency. Because RSP is Excel based, it allows maximum flexibility and customization to reflect our firm´s strengths and investment philosophy.

I have found RSP to enable multiple avenues of financial independence modeling (with incredible & consistent accuracy), as well as tackling the complicated effects of tax planning, rebalancing, and required distribution scenario´s.

The Technical support team is unprecedented! We regularly receive assistance within hours to minutes of our initial contact either by telephone or e-mail support."

Kimberly Foss-Erickson, CFP

"You are certainly keenly in tune with what investment advisors such as myself like and need."

Andrew Fox, CFP

"The Retirement Spending Planner has been an indispensable tool in helping us model and communicate how risk is a part of our client´s financial lives. We´ve tried a lot of different software packages and what separates RSP from the rest is that it is thorough while still remaining quite flexible. We have found that because it is Excel based, we can easily manipulate the program to model even the most unique of client circumstances."

Tom Post, CFP

"I am pleased with the program. The first few times I used it I thought ´Oh, bother´ when confronted with all the required input, but the effort proved worthwhile. Monte Carlo simulation is useful for those who understand its limitations. In my fee only practice I present clients with a deterministic model, validated with a stochastic model (RSP). If both models indicate the likelihood of success, I figure the chances are pretty good that it will work in the real world. I prefer the 95% confidence level in the stochastic model, although that is not always feasible.

"The instructions that came with the original program were not terribly useful, but the later revised instruction booklet was quite helpful. Reading it helped me better understand how the program works. Overall, I rate RSP a solid ´A.´"


"We have been using RSP in our practice since it was a beta test product. Since that time, RSP has been moved front and center into the core of our investment process. Not only does it allow us to illustrate various financial planning projections in a probabilistic framework that clients readily understand, RSP also allows us to observe the proportion of successful outcomes against various alternative portfolio compositions. This enables us to involve the client in trading off risk (in the form of not achieving a goal) and return, in a multi-period, after-tax setting involving client cash flows, and is something I have been looking for 15 years. RSP also allows us to input our views of future returns for various asset classes and inflation, rather than restricting us to historical numbers. In addition, since we are not technically capable of quality testing, the expertise, technical background, and credentials of Wagner's staff give us comfort that RSP is performing as advertised.

Tom Connelly
Versant Capital Management, Inc.